Past Midnight

Apr 29, 2005 by

As I sit here, recently home from work, and try to unwind my cat growls grumpily. The fat little tortoiseshell is discomfited by the fact that I am typing and not petting her. The fiance is well and truly alseep.

I’m tired, just like every other restaurant worker in this subtropical den of iniquity. I am also quite pleased, I just got a contract to do some writing for Tabletop Adventures!

Now I have been keeping my oar in by writing game material for Beyond The Moons, and being a Section Manager for Planewalker but I have not actually been reimbursed for my writing since I was the Local Scene Correspondant for the now defunct TourDates.Com. This is an excellent turn to take as we go into the final six months before the wedding.

It’s funny, but even though it is a pittance this money is very important symbolically. My grandmother, who I lived with, could not stand the fact that I played D&D. She thought it a simply horrific waste of time. The fact that I can earn even a penny writing for it leaves me with a sense of justification. There is also the element of the Childhood Dream Come True ™ . The “wow, I’m a game designer!” paradigm shift. It is a nifty feeling. And in the Bush Economy every penny helps….

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