Time Off!

May 1, 2005 by

The Fest is over, at least as far as having to deal with it at work. Sunday off with the Lady, and Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy just opened. I’m looking forward to unwinding enough to get some sleep. Working nights again has me somewhat frazzed, its been awhile since I did that on a regular basis.

Also looking forward to the new episode of the new Dr. Who. Surprisingly good, this guilty pleasure from my youth has been topped out with big budget special effects (CGI) , as well as being written in a sophisticated and adult manner. Wonderful work which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good, solid romp.

I guess this is the geek posting, but that is what is on my mind as I unwind from a long day of the New Orleans food industry. That, and the caterpillars. The hateful little bastards are still around, despite the rain and various predators such as myself. I plan on getting a good resolution pic with the digital camera tomorrow so those of you outside the radius of the plague can see what nature hath wrought…..

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