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May 7, 2005 by

In a city where you can walk down the street drinking a beer it is highly amusing to realize that things like the following are the norm elsewhere. Extra police! Ha! Ha HA HA!
Whew! Funny life they live in the arctic northlands……

Madison selectmen sign law allowing public drinking

May 6, 2005

MADISON, N.H. — Drinking in public is now OK.

Selectmen on Tuesday signed a law allowing people to drink alcohol at town ballparks, beaches and other public land. The law ratified a Town Meeting vote.

But not everyone is pleased by the chance to legally crack open a cold one in public.

Selectman John Arruda refused to sign the law, saying the town was opening itself to expensive liability lawsuits.

Some softball leagues in Conway and the Chocorua Valley already have canceled tournaments scheduled in Madison, citing the expense of hiring extra police officers to monitor drinking during games.

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