Spring Is In The Air

May 10, 2005 by

In an unusual turn of events New Orleans is experiencing a season, namely Spring. The cool and pleasant air is indicative of neither the HEAT or the COLD WET that share the year. This must be Spring then, that folk tale of the northlands. Would the foliage around us explode in reds and oranges soon? Not bloody likely, but a nice fancy.

In honor of this unaccustomed period of mild and clement weather I am endeavoring to adopt the theme of growth. A new job, new writing contracts, my looming matrimony, several new websites, and at least forty things that I can’t put my finger on just now. All growth oriented. Springtime in the subtropics. I’m psyched! Humid City will grow and aspire to be, “…a carnival barker’s megaphone aimed at a complacent citizenry.”

With that in mind I am currently working on a weekly schedule of offerings for this space, the Recipe on Wed. will almost certainly continue. In the meantime a purely subjective sampling of what I think is good around town will be seen. (Such as the notices below) Also, in the spirit of The Silver Machine, I am inviting other voices to join me here. Hopefully we will have a nice round of regular features in the near future. Anyone interested in getting involved please email me

Auditions for The Odd Couple
Auditions are being held for The Odd Couple, May 20 at 7 pm and May 21 at 10 am, Terrytown Playground, 641 Heritage Avenue, Terrytown. All roles open. Presented by Drama Guild of Jefferson Parish Parks and Recreation. Call Joe Geringer at 319-6941.

Zydepunks shows in May (updated): http://www.zydepunks.com

May 12. THU: Kerry Irish Pub – 9pm-1am
May 20. FRI: Le Bon Temps – 10pm-2am
May 23. MON: Kerry Irish Pub – 9pm-1am
May 27. FRI: Dragon’s Den -10:30pm

Seven Devils Opens New Imagination Parlor & Gift Shop Including An Online Storefront.

If you are interested in having your work i.e film, music, art & literature;
sold or promoted through our new store, please contact Eric. Feel free to pass this on to other artists, writers & filmmakers. An official press release will follow soon.
Thank you,

Eric Laws
Seven Devils
1111 Saint Mary St.
NOLA 70130
[email protected]

Seven Devils is the shop one goes to when looking for something out of the ordinary. It is a shop
where creative freedom is honored, and where differences are respected. At Seven Devils, you will find independent films, unsigned music, self-published books, gallery less artwork, exotic
instruments, eclectic gifts and anything the imaginative side of your brain desires. Eric Laws, a
local composer/producer, has co-operated (alongside Chrystal Skye Jordan) Second.Circle
Productions, a multimedia production facility, for ten years. Eric has decided to open up Seven
Devils to compliment his creative endeavors with sister, Laura Laws, a writer, and their artistic

Located on 1111 Saint Mary Street on the corner of Magazine, Seven Devils: Imagination Parlor and Gift Shop resides in the historic section of the Lower Garden District. The owners respect and appreciate the history of New Orleans, and plan to fashion the shop in resemblance to a seasoned parlor one might have visited in the majestic quarters of New Orleans antiquity.

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