Poetry by Matthew Nolan

Jun 9, 2005 by

Jackson Square

Mardi Gras string bead bustling Jackson Square,
musical weary artistic soul,
hungry souls in seamless dress

Starry travelers from the Cathedral Mother,
me on a black bench facing her,
pen poised I sit here with pigeons

Tap dancers in the rays of a fire sun,
to live in the easy energy
of the hippidy clop of a carriage ride,
a street performer’s drum,
the photograph of a tourist capturing me and the lines of
paintings strung along the black iron fence behind me,
in an easy magical stride of subtle voodoo payback
and hopeful psychic fortune telling

It nurtures my soul like sucking on a candy cane
Christmas morning, sad because it is over

The moon will settle below the Mississippi River.
Mother St. Louis Cathedral will put us all to sleep.
I will smear a tear
on my pillow page of ink.

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