Makes you wanna fold’em

Jun 13, 2005 by

Playing cards with six other New Orleans political insiders is not an experience that will remove one’s tragicomic view of the city’s government.

Perhaps the scene might be best captured in negative relief. Here are statements that I didn’t hear:

“My goodness, [that elected official] sure is smart as a tack. And he’s surrounded by a brain trust that gives him unfailingly excellent advice.”

“[Elected official] is the furthest thing from batsh-t crazy. Her faith inspires her in a selfless capacity that reminds one of the Beatitudes.”

“[Elected official outside Orleans] is so boring. He never gets into fights, and doesn’t wear a thousand pinkie rings. There’s no way he’s connected.”

“The history of this [political family] is so not crazy. They’re not a dynasty going back four generations and there’s absolutely no salacious personal details about them to be circulated.”

“Oh, him. [That elected official] is not utterly corrupt. No, I couldn’t possibly give you five or six examples of his brazen, under-the-table shenanigans.”

“From my view behind the scenes, I’m totally confident things are getting much, much better here.”

I drank a lot that night.

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