Poetry by Matthew Nolan

Jul 8, 2005 by

Look at Me

I am painted in a picture
among tired, weak French Quarter architecture.
I press my fingers against my face and feel the soft wood
which frames crooked glass eyes
set in water-dried warped wood.

Colorful paint swirls capture the Bourbon Street painting.
Rotting in the smell of perfume and vomit,
I reach in my mouth and pull out a fist of wooden teeth.

Pretty girls with ponytails in a herd
graze down Bourbon Street toward me.
Their ponytails are pulled so tight
like their curves and the drapery of their hair.

Decomposing from mush to liquid
I become the Bourbon street corner water puddle
that glistens in the painting,
breeding mosquitoes and germs,
splashing in the eyes of girls with ponytails.

Copyright 2004 by Matthew Nolan

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