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Aug 17, 2005 by

Almost a month has passed since Oyster’s erudite posting of the Festival Porcino that is local politics. In that time I have been conspicuously absent due to a combination of moving house, changing jobs, and preparing for my onrushing wedding. This is not offered as an excuse, but rather as an explanation and a promise to not allow it to go lax like that again.

I will be debuting a series of podcasts here, starting this weekend, in which we will take five minutes with some of NO’s more interesting local Flora and Fauna. Welcome to Humid City’s Urban Kingdom! Some of the wildlife in our sights include The New Orleans Rollergirls, The Creole Creamery, and Seven Devils.

I am also looking for other writers/voices to get involved with the project. I am building a team which I hope will cover many different aspects of local life in the crescent city. If you are interested in getting onboard simply reply to this post and I will contact you for a writing sample.

See you on the ‘net!

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