Survivors Update

Aug 29, 2005 by

Okay, here’s the current skinny. According to what we have just seen on MSNBC the CBD Marriott has taken 13 ft of water. The roof of the Superdome has been partially ripped off although I do not know the details (I do know that last nights newscast talked of the Dome creaking under the force of the winds.) There has been talk of looting in the city although any sort of photo evidence is in short supply other than one shot of a destroyed money machine.

All in all I am very glad that we ran. I have never fled a hurricane until now, I think I picked the right one to flee.

Please, if you are reading these please post a reply, no matter how brief. Especially friends. This seems to be our only reliable way of staying in touch and finding out the situation, and I promise I will do my best to post anything pertinent to ourselves or New Orleans natives as soon as I can.

We have just gotten up a few minutes ago after way too many hours awake on the road. Once I have caught up on news and gotten some food into my fiancee’s stomach I shall post more thoughts.

In the meantime wish us luck, pray for us, or do whatever your own vews and beliefs dictate but please wish us well. Keep those who were unable to run in mind as they are currently inhabiting a disaster area akin to Waterworld (And we all know how much that movie SUCKED!

Peace and Survival to ALL!

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