Just a quick note about people who need to get a grip

Aug 30, 2005 by

According to Yahoo News‘ article about looting there was a comment made by a particular tourist from Philadelphia which I would like to reply to.

This woman was evidently watching looting going on at the French Quarter Walgreens. The comments to the reporter were as follows:

“Denise Bollinger, a tourist from Philadelphia, stood outside and snapped pictures in amazement.
‘It’s downtown Baghdad,’ the housewife said. ‘It’s insane. I’ve wanted to come here for 10 years. I thought this was a sophisticated city. I guess not.’ “

Denise, you are a fool. Any idiot who looks for sophistocation during one of the biggest disasters we have seen in living memory deserves to be in the worst of it. You should develop a bit more compassion and sense of perspective because your words have proven you to be thoughtless, uncaring, and self absorbed. I should probably revert to four letter words to give you a fighting chance of understanding this should you ever come across it, but I’m just not feeling that generous.

To look around at the level of devastation and horror around you, and be aware of it as your Baghdad comment shows you are, and be disappointed in the level of sophistocation would be laughable if it were not so thoroughly disgusting. You should be trying to help those around you rather than parading your narrow mind and lack of empathy before the media. Hopefully you find the opportunity to suffer a bit while you are in the middle of it. For people like you it is a much needed excercise in building character.

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