Looking For Word

Sep 1, 2005 by

We are desperately looking for word or info on the following members of our circle who have not been heard from. PLEASE let us know if you have any word at all, and send them to this site if you are in contact with them.
Rev. David Lee “GOAT” Carson
Linda VaAman
Claudia Dumestre
Yvette Tyler
Clint Meadgen
Karl DeMolay
Dave and Alex Baker
Ritchie and Heather Champagne
Joseph and Gina Stebbins
Teresa Cole
Dr. Mike the Vet
Stacey Eharb
Randy Eharb
Sean Evans
Jimmy and Sue Ford
Leif and Mary Ericsen
Henry GRiffin
Bill Delaney
Scott Hoggat
Kevin Hurt
Szabi Varga
MArk Kennedy
Greg Hill
Eric Laws
Skye Jordan
Michelle Moltz
Leslie Kliebert
Casey and Heidi Phillips
Mike “Stybbie” Styborski
Christian Trosclair
Charlie Tumminello
Matt Wells
Frank Williams
Noel Williams
David and Anne Williams
Dickie Martin
Jane Williams
Lenny Marquez
Sallie Anne Glassman
Priestess Miriam of the Voodoo Temple
Bill Siemers
Alex Ducro
Stacey Nuss
Lewis D’Aubin
Anisa Parks
Cynthia Youngblood
Micah Medway
Tedd Walley
Vaughan Mordentti
Julie Stahley
Chopper Brady
Dwight PAyne
Rachel Shaffer
Ric Simmons
Mark PAradis
HArry HArdin
Scott Semineaux
Pat Delaney

and I’m sure the list will grow once we have more stable circumstances in which to think.

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