Bllomington Arrival

Sep 2, 2005 by

We are here, and now that I have had a few moments I am furious with the Federal Government! This semievolved australopithecene that we call a “President,” has dropped the ball in the most criminal way. He is not just responsible for people dying but for the death and destruction of one of the most unique and historic sites in America. He has also through his fumbles sacrificed the entire economy (check those gas prices ladies and gentlemen!)

Here is a quote from an email I got today from someone near and dear to us. Since I do not know if he would wish his name used I will not at this time. I will say the source is from someone who is no stranger to working directly with the government.

” I do hold the president, the legislature, the departments of defense, and homeland security direcly responsible for the magnitude of this disaster. The lack of preparation for this disaster and the half-hearted, slow responsiveness to save lives and control crime represent a lack of leadership by the president. legislators, and the military. We need to hold them all accountable for not protecting our city and our homes until it was too late. Four years ago, Bush approved the cancellation of the funding that was appropriated for the ongoing project to strengthen and complete the levee system. It is unforgivable.”

That says it far more eloquently than I can at this point. I don’t care who you are around the world, if you are reading this begin shouting! We cannot allow them to fail us on this grand a level and not suffer consequences. Bush should be imnpeached. Look at the press photos of GW. See the Apache helicopters that should be transporting people out rahter than being used for a photo op? See the uniformed military personnell who should be out saving my neighbors who are dying in thousands? See the smirking fiend who should have cut short his vacation BEFORE the storm hit? My taxes pay his salary and he LET MY CITY DIE! And let’s not forget Gulfoport, Mobile and every other city and town along the coast.

We can ship in 14, 000 military police at a time but we cannot get food to the dying in the convention center. We can fly across the country on a passenger flight in 4 hours but its THREE DAYS LATER and we can’t fly more people out. This is worse than any American should ever put up with. I don’t care what side of the poitical question you are on, would you want his monkey to let your entire circle of friends, family, memories, YOUR ENTIRE CITY to go through this while they do nothing?

Now enough time has passed and I am pissed! WE are changing this site into a NOLA networking project. Pass the URL along and we will do our best to continue bringing important info to other refugees. We will also begin working on unifying people to make the current adminstration accountable for the single worst and dealiest case of governmental malfeasance in US history.

Take care of each other.
Be safe.
Be in touch.

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