Found/Missing updates

Sep 2, 2005 by

We have found the following people and below that is a further list of missing. Please pass this URL around so survivors can network.


  • Charlie Tumminello (CT) is in Houston, with his brother. Lewis D’Aubin is currently in Jackson, on his way to Houston.
  • Michlle Moltz and Leslie Kliebert are alive and well
  • Christian Trosclair is alive and in Baton Rouge.
  • “Yvette Tyler is in northern louisiana along with Felicia Palermo, and i think they are going to Yvette’s dad’s house in CA in a few days.”
  • “Through a mutual friend I know that Clint(of bingo/liquidrone fame) and Ann went to Houston.”
  • “Just got word that Lu Martinie, Mambo Miriam, and someone named Allen who is with them got out okay. No further information.”
  • Dave and Alex Baker are okay! They are in Houston staying with their friend Happy.
    Coleen left for Hawaii on a vacation on Friday before we knew how dangerousthis was going to be for New Orleans. She will probably come here toPortland or to my brother in Southern California for awhile to ride thisthing out.
  • Blair Kolb is in Des Moines, IA.
  • Bill Delaney and Pat Delaney are fine
  • Harmony St. Charles. She asked me to let everyone on her “blogroll” know that she, her family & all her pets are fine. They are with other family members in Georgia.
  • Charlotte Diem sends greetings from Houston & is glad to hear you’re all safe.

Additional Missing:

  • Joe and Amy LeBlanc
  • Roger and Elyse Hackett
  • Desier, Tommy and Aurelia MacLuckie
  • George Ingmire
  • All members of the following bands:
  • Morning 40 Federation
  • Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes
  • KErmit Ruffins and The BBQ Swingers
  • Rigid
  • Rev. Goat Carson
  • Iris May Tango
  • Rebirth Brass Band
  • COG
  • Jim Smith and the Damned Frontier

and anyone else! USe the comment sections to post found and missing lists and I will integrate them as I have time. I am going to be expanding things so that more people are directly able to post and podcast to the site in an effort to enhance coordination.