A Call to Action

Sep 6, 2005 by

The ‘rescue effort’ continues. And while I don’t want to distract from that daunting task, I do want to motivate and mobilize another important effort–making the heads roll of those who so majorly screwed things up, from local & state officials, from FEMA hacks up to and including Bush.

His previous crimes have so far gone unpunished, but this time he WILL be held accountable for his crimes against humanity & genocide. Those may sound like huge charges, and they are. But any President who willfully allows thousands to die under his watch is a criminal.

Below is a copy of my post to my other blog on LiveJournal. (Alot of my information comes from that source, so I highly encourage you to browswe over there.)

“Many of you remember that after the election of 2004 I swore to work to impeach Bush, and to remain active in politics. Sure enough, though, my energy flagged and waned. I kept up with my research, kept sending letters to my officials, generally kept making myself a thorn in the soft underbelly of the republican power structure. But I let that stuff go unnoticed in my LJ. Too many people’s apathy affected me and I decided to muzzle myself.

Well, not this time. This time it’s personal. I hold Bush and much of his ‘team’ directly responsible for the fiasco that was the ‘rescue effort’ after Katrina.

I will NOT remain silent this time. I fully intend to let my anger and frustration explode here. I also intend to do more than just gripe and complain. I AM taking action. I also believe that many of you are hurt and disappointed in how our government handled this emergency. If you’re not irate, you’re not paying attention. My job here is to make you aware of what went wrong–and how to help fix it in the future.

I will not accept apathy any longer. If you feel that this is too negative, feel free to move along in your comfy, insulated lives. I, however, will not be silent. I will not remain a bystander.

I am an American. I have a voice. And that voice will not be a whisper, but a roar. My vote matters.

I love my country too much to watch it destroyed by an elite contingent of disconnected, self-serving rich fucks who have no compunction about watching thousands of people suffer and die, not just in the Gulf states, but throughout our country, and around the world.

I fully intend to have Bush impeached. I fully intend to destroy the circle of sycophants he has established. I will work to save this country.

As I’ve said before, we ARE better than this. And it’s time we let these shits know we are angry, that we’re idealistic, that we are moral and ethical in the true sense, and that we’re not going to take it anymore.”

As I get more accustomed this blogging platform I will include links to stories, both first-hand and from major media sources, documenting Bush’s atrocities. I will also post links to efforts to impeach the dumb-shit.

Anger is not a positive emotion, I know, but turning that anger into useful action, action that will save lives and our country, is positive.

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