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As one of the displaced I will continue to use the word refugee. Look up the definition if you have a problem with that. Anyay, here is some hopefully helpful info for the displaced copied from an email I received today. After this post we are on the road (see my previous post.)

Please share this with others who escaped Katrina. You will need to check out these various benefits and types of aid available to those of us who escaped Katrina. Some I know with certainty and others were reported to me. Please check for yourself.

Red Cross — $340 debit card per person; plus referrals for free used clothing and furniture; also, arrangements for 2 weeks free hotel (renewal for another two weeks); You may want to save this hotel portion of the aid to use in the city you will be in after your current temporary shelter seems to be coming to an end or you have worn out your welcome with friends and relatives. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HOMEOWNER TO QUALIFY.

FEMA — check online for the various types of assistance you can get. Yesterday, FEMA cut $1500 checks for persons who had been dislocated. AGAIN, SOME FEMA BENEFITS ARE FOR EVERYONE. IF YOU CALL THE 800 NUMBER, CALL BETWEEN 2am AND 6am.

Homeowners Insurance — most homeowner insurers are cutting checks for dislocated policy holders , ranging from $1000 to $2500 (State Farm)

Food Stamps — reported to me that welfare offices are giving $2000 debit cards for storm victims — check to see if you are eligible ; many people are eligible

Other — 7 days free prescription refills at Wal-mart; free clothing and bedding at Goodwills in the states surrounding the flood zone; discounts at some hotel chains; always ask for discounts at restaurants and grocery stores. Some Salvation Army stores are also providing free items — ask them. Most colleges and universities are granting free use of computer labs and free wireless internet accounts (FEMA and other forms are more easily completed online) — go ask in the student center or go right to the president’s office; If you are in school, most colleges and universities are allowing you to take your classes in the cities in which you are located — ask at the admissions office.
Be prepared to show your Louisiana ID.

Please share this with others and add to it as you may hear of additional aid.


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