Attention Proud Americans

Sep 9, 2005 by

Hello Proud Americans!

I finally found out what my neighborhood looks like. The caption below describes the end of my street; an eyes view from my stoop. About six houses down from this cross street I worked as a Residential Counselor for the homeless in New Orleans which I saw burn to the ground on TV the day AFTER I found the news below. Our government tossing aside the basic needs of the poorest in our country; what a shame. Killing them is something else.

AFP/File – Sun Sep 4, 2:58 PM ET
A police car drives past a woman’s dead body on the sidewalk at Magazine and Jackson streets 02 September

This is unbelievable. This is outrageous. This is deplorable. While the ignorant follow some magical thinking political war agenda of fear tactic nonsense, people within our own country are being murdered by a US government which has been shipped overseas. Look at your Homeland Security in the photo above fellow citizen. Look at your tax dollars at work. Look at this New Orleans tourist attraction. Be sick and for once lets do something about this screwed up country. This isn’t politics. This is about trusting our government and an issue of class structure, poverty, and neglect of an entire population. The privileged, elite, and powerful can’t cover up this one. Now, through death, for once, the attention is on the weak, silenced, and discarded and our country is forced to take a good look at themselves.

These are not the politics of the ten commandments, prayer, and extra computers in schools. Get real people. This is life and death. This is not warm and fuzzy. Not everyone lives in the fairytale of Mayberry. I saw first hand the heart wrenching conditions of homelessness and third world conditions in New Orleans BEFORE Katrina. This is not about Hurricanes, preparedness, or writing out a check to the Red Cross then moving on with our daily lives. This is about complete governmental breakdown and failure on every scale possible. The shit hit the fan. Hurricane Katrina just brought it all to shore. Before this genocide, the average American was struggling to pay our bills. We were in debt. Gas prices were crunching us. We do not have adequate health insurance. We have mixed feelings about all of our money and resources being tied up in the Middle East. Now you are viewing an entire American population being erased before your eyes because for generations they were discarded by a government that isn’t working. Just like you have been discarded. And as you slip closer and closer towards that poverty line think of your body littering your neighborhood. For now, I can be thankful that my body is not at the end of Magazine and Jackson Streets.

I am an angry American citizen in grief. People I love are missing abd the city that made my dreams come true is gone.

Thank you to those who have and still offer comfort. I send my heart felt love to those in need.

Matthew Nolan

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