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Sep 11, 2005 by

I’m sitting in Dobbs Ferry, NY typing with my left hand because my right is broken. The people of NY are the only ones, I believe, who can truly understand some of our emotions during the aftermath of this disaster. The people here are just fantastic to us, especially Sean and Jo Hastings (our current hosts) as well as Kim Gardner and Molly Gonzales at the White Plains Red Cross. Our situation is rough, but temporarily tenable and thanks to them it is improving.

Today is 9-11. We are in NY. New Orleans is drowning. It’s a shitty day.

As the federales bungle more and more seriously, and with increasingly deadly results, a city out of legend falls. Pompeii was buried by Vesuvius, New Orleans in water and federal vacations. The mainstream media continues to try to tells us that no one polled thinks any of the vacationers (Bush, Cheney, Rice) are at fault. I, however, have spent the entire disaster speaking with Americans across the country. Americans of all socioeconomic strata. Americans of all ages. Americans who are pissed off at BushCo. and get more so as I share my story. I have two questions for everyone out there who is reading this:

Today is the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF 9-11, Where is the culprit?

Today a great city and its people are being destroyed and scattered, aren’t YOU, “President” Bush and your cronies, the culprits?

Lots of fancy talk and spin doctoring going on, but the scene is sadly devoid of the actions these events require. As Hurricane Ophelia slowly turns towards the Carolinas Americans should all be asking themselves, “what if it happens here?” Picture your mother/sister/daughter/lover starved and in pain, wandering a wasteland unaided while the government goes on vacation and turns back incoming aid.

I am probably rambling, this whole scenario is so gut wrenching that it makes me dizzy. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Brown sleep easily in beds WE THE PEOPLE have paid for while I have not yet had a full nights sleep since Katrina. These people are our employees and their job performance is worthy of pink slips. It is time to remind them whose blood is on their hands. Sorry Pilate, not this time!

One last thing, there are now New Orleanians in every corner of the US. Speak out. Tell your stories. If enough of us do so the truth will out. Remember that nothing promised after 9-11 has come to pass, those responsible have not been brought to justice. In my book that lands the responsibility squarely at the feet of Dubya and his ilk.

I’m off, its time for another night of uneasy, unrestful sleep.

Hail to the Thief.

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