Gut Wrenching Dose of Reality

Sep 15, 2005 by

Chittlin’ Circuit has posted a video of Charmaine Neville telling the story of her escape from post Katrina New Orleans. Prepare yourself for 12 minutes that will tear your guts out but you MUST SEE THE TRUTH!

Compose yourself and prepare for horrors beyond anything out of Hollywood.
View Video Here

Would this have happened if these people were white and wealthy? Fuck no. The government needs to be held accountable and lives still in danger need to be saved.

Even if you are some misbegotten and malevolent maggot who turns ablind eye to all but money you should be able to that this is neccessary. Read the following short article from the Star Tribune for the practical nationwide impact of this mess. Good time to have already blown that surplus GW inherited from Clinton, isn’t it?
Economy Feels Chill From Katrina

I continue my own surreal stay in NY, my old home away from home. Tonight the local Presbyterian Church gave us a few neccessary items (a pan to cook in, some fans to beat the 91 degree heat, towels, etc). Even a cynical old iconoclast like me can be brought to tears. Ye gods, if I’m this shaken I cannot even begin to imagine the reality Charmaine Neville and so many others faced and in some (A LOT!) of cases still face. Think about these people. These are my people. More die every day.

I was accosted yesterday at the 86th Subway. I actually manged to get a day job and earn some money by being a poll watcher durning Manhattan’s Democratic Primary, so I was pinned down. At first the lady was very pleasant, asking how I hurt my hand and such. Shortly after the conversation started she was noisily and repetitively voicing the opinion that I should be glad that I escaped just before “God Laid His Vengance Upon the Sinnful Perversity.” It was then that I truly proved my own rationality and did NOT slap the shit out of her. I don’t have any problem with God(tm), but sometimes his fans just need to be euthanized. Fortunately most of the religious seem to be finally living up to their tenets of charity and helping the disadvantaged, but these brimstone speaking, narrown minded, underinformed evolutionary throwbacks are a problem that needs to be addressed….

Site News:

  • Modern Day Estella will be leaving for reasons beyond her control. I should still have occasional news flashes from her though.
  • Rev. David Lee “Goat” Carson (just google him) will be joining us podcasting in the near future
  • I will probably begin almost exclusively podcasting as my left handed typing is abyssmaly slow. Six Weeks and I should get my hand back.
  • We will be adding some new voices to the team within the next week or so.

Sorry this one was rather disjointed, I am extremely tired.

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