Common Ground

Sep 19, 2005 by

In the early stages of this disaster, I was really grateful to CNN for providing a window onto what was happening in New Orleans.

But I notice there are some stories they aren’t telling. For reasons I cannot fathom, they’re ignoring stories of good people doing good things. I’m stranded in Bloomington, Indiana, 800 miles away, and yet I can only find this information over the internet.

In particular, I’m talking about Common Ground. This is a grassroots effort to help people out, starting with basic medical needs. Think “Doctors Without Borders” but within our own borders.

They’ve set up a clinic in Algiers. They were there long before the Red Cross got there. They’re working on setting up a clinic in the 9th Ward. And they’re looking further east, to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Naomi Archer has been writing about what’s going on theree:

They could use donations of medical supplies. And a good healthy infusion of cash wouldn’t hurt. You can donate money here:

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