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Sep 21, 2005 by

Yesterday I wrote the following and then had to stop:

Well, hereI sit with NY NPR playing nonstop stories of expatriated New Orleanians in the background. I hear the phrase, “the smell of corpses,” waft through the air as I type and with horrid fascination stop to listen. The man speaking is in my neighborhood, I just heard him say he was passing Tipitina’s heading up Napoleon Ave. It’s a strange feeling hearing Nick Spitzer enter his home, a scant few blocks from my own, describing the eerie deserted state of things post Katrina. Three things he says strike hugely emotional chords with my fiancee and I: the description of a housecat strving in the street wrenches my guts; as he speaks of retreiving his record collection he lists much of the same music we left behind; and the live audio as he is stopped by terse military types as he drives down a St. Charles Avenue that is, “as dark as a country road.” The complex cocktail of feelings this all elicits is hard to describe.

That was as far as I got before having to leave.

Then last night Recon One called me from my own living room uptown. The Doodler was sitting in my living room looking at a COMPLETELY UNDAMAGED APARTMENT!! Now that I have shared that with the world here are more links and resources for NO In Exile:

Center For Disease Control post Katrina Immunization Info

CDC KAtrina Overall Health Data

Google’s Katrina Resources Page

Federal Govt’s Hurricane Katrina Data and Resources

Craig’s List Katrina Page

FEMA’s Katrina Page

Clean Up Jobs Available


US Dept of Health and Human Services

BBC Katrina In Depth

Think Progress Katrina Timeline

Coffee Impact (My Proffession)

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