FEMA Shuffle- Redux

Sep 23, 2005 by

Someone in my circle made contact with a connection within FEMA. Okay, here is an excerpt from that anonymous FEMA employee’s email response. It proves once agin that what can easily be seen as malice can iften be explained by the incompetence inherent in beauracracy:

“Your friend may have some accurate information but I
doubt it is as he says. The people working for FEMA
are poorly trained and none of the folks he/she is
dealing with are full time employees. All these
people are called up and sent to do whatever job they
are assigned. Instructions are sketchy at best. They
are doing, for the most part, what they have been

If the situation actually exists as it has been
described, remember – the government always responds
to political pressure. You friend should call his/her
senator and congressman/woman. These elected
representatives will be the best bet to righting
bureaucratic problems. Additionally asking for a
supervisior and for statements in writing of all
communication is essential. Also as I understand it,
no individual assistance claim is without the process
of appeal. Always appeal anything that is given to
you as decided. And all decisions must be rendered in
writing. Bureaucracy can only be fought with paper
and persistance. And of course, good manners and
refusing to take no for an answer are essential.

Have mercy on the FEMAites. Actually your friend
could be dealing with contractors(probably eventaully
part of Bectel or Halliburton) and they are even more
poorly trained. It is sad but our government is not
able to actually help people unless they fight for it.
Even in horrible situations like these – think
student loans.

Without more information I can only offer these
general statements. FEMA isn’t trying to screw anyone
but people will be royally screwed I’m sure. Its a
national shame laid firmly at the feet of the

I am trying to relay this info to Cheryl (my friend driven to tears by her experinces with FEMA), the one whose plight led me to get out the heads up post earlier. If anyone (Moontwister?) can get ahold of her, please relay this. Myself, I am simply beat and am calling it a night.

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