Hooray For Walter Maestri- Listen To This!

Sep 23, 2005 by

Walter Maestri, emergency manager for Jefferson Parish, has given us the equivalent of the Watergate Tapes for Katrina. He taped a series of conference calls with Gov. Blanco, Mayor Nagin, FEMA Officials, and others that flagrantly display the disorganization and chaos that our so called “public servants,” showed in the face of the disaster. He has leaked these tapes to NPR and you can listen to them here.

Done listening? Good. To me, at least FEMA’s culpability is clear. Now I have been accused of being a knee jerk liberal recently because of my stance on issues relating to this epic level disaster. I would like to point out that this goes beyond partisan views, it is a simple case of public officials (both Dems like the La. officials and Reps like the federal ones) failing to do the jobs we pay them for. The global audience looks on in horror as we allow our elected officials too get away with treating those affected in a fashion that would make a third world dictator ashamed. It is time to clean house on all levels. I am extremely lucky, my home is intact as is my family. Many of my friends, however, have lost everything. Everything! Homes, family members, jobs, and in some cases their lives.

Please be loud, you have an obligation to use your voices.

We The People NEED to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility. PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE, etc. As I write this reports on the radio tell of how the evacuation of Houston in the face of Hurricane Rita is a mess in spite of the recent deadly lessons of what happened to us…

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