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As I sit here listening to accounts of the re-submerging of New Orleans I have just received news that is extremely important for anyone dealing with the fuck ups at FEMA. If you have not yet done your application DO NOT check “hurricane,” as the reason for your woes. Just because its the truth does not mean its right. I have just spoken to a friend who described how FEMA is denying assistance unless you check “forced evacuation.”

This is the most transparent effort to screw those of us who escaped and are scattered across the states, bereft of resources. It was a hurricane. Period. Denial of aid to its victims is, to quote Shakespear, “…as arrant a piece of knavery as can be offered!”

The FEMA people told my friend that there is nothing they can do, surprise surprise, for her or the THOUSANDS of others who checked hurricane. After all, how could we be stupid enough to check hurricane on the form when the entire globe knows it was actually a hurricane that did the damage?

Raise some hell people. Pass this info on to any refugees you are near. Then contact your public servants and demand they do their jobs! The social contract implicit in government has been shredded. Use the following websites to do it now, before you forget. These are mothers, fathers, sisters, lovers, and especially children that are being flat out abandoned. My fiancee and I are only two of the many whose jobs and income have washed away. Would you allow this to happen to your own family?

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