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Sep 29, 2005 by

We got out with our five cats, it has made things very hard on us but also very well worth it. Many were not so lucky as to be able to do the same. If you were forced by circumstances to leave a beloved animal behind then this post is for you:

Residents are now going to Lamar Dixon Horse Expo Center in Gonzales, LA as volunteers! Please get the word out to all NOLA residents who are unable to get into their neighborhood but have a pet/pets still left in their houses. Majority have not been rescued…even if you called the 800 numbers due to the fact that for 4 weeks there were not enough people and resources to rescue the thousands of pets that were called in. Some were rescued, but not the vast majority. All residents need to do the following right now:

Go directly to Lamar Dixon Expo Center. They must be there for the 5:30-6:00 a.m. morning meeting. Find Jane Garrison. Tell Jane they came to volunteer and want to rescue their own pets! Jane will give them the necessary passes and instruction and they will get into where their pets are on the same day! Please this is URGENT and has been urgent for the last 4 weeks. But many animals are hanging by their last thread – many are still alive due to a strong survival instinct. Do not assume your pet has perished until it is definite. Assume your pet may still be alive and GO GET THEM. We all know this is very difficult but please be proactive and do not assume your pets have been rescued and do not assume your pet is probably passed away!

LALamar-Dixon Horse Expo Center9039 St. Landry RoadExit 177 off I-10

If any resident has any questions about this before going please email:
[email protected]

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