Site Mission – A Post Katrina Reconfiguration

Sep 29, 2005 by

Humid City started out as an entertainment and events site for the local New Orleans area, since the advent of Katrina it has evolved into a networking point for refugees to share resources, discuss our future, and mobilize as activists to ensure that the governmental malfeasance on all levels during this disaster does not escape accountability. There is one aspect that has been neglected recently which I view as being just as important: oral history.

This is history. I believe that it is important that we document our thoughts and feeling as things progress. Personal stories and viewpoints need to be recorded now, while they are still fresh. Unlike previous generations we can create an inside view of what this time has been like for the people in the middle of it, not just the dry perspectives of those writing books about it from a distance.

I have been inspired in the regard both by the StoryCorps. Project on NPR and by my fiancee’s mother who is a Prof. in the Folklore Dept. of Indiana University.

Please continue to post resources for both survival and activism, but also please post your personal tales and thoughts. This goes for both our volunteer staff and those who post their comments. To quote Merlin in the movie Excalibur, “It is the doom of men that they forget.”
Let us join together and document what living through these times is like.

Please post your stories and thoughts, and if you are interested in joining us on a regular basis email me (george.williams.iv (at) Keep posting resources and political info, but also help us to create a window into thee times for those who will come after us!

Look for Podcasts from the front lines soon, I have just set up a local teacher with podcasting capabilty and she will be reporting from within the New Orleans area in the near future (thanks Cheryl!)

Attention Staff: If you wish to do Podcasts email me and I will set you up so you can do it from any cellphone.

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