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Having worked as a waiter for many years in places ranging from Commander’s Palace to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro I find this to be a familiar way of doing things. After 9-11 I worked a double at Semolina’s Restaurant on Magazine Street. Like all of my co-workers I donated my tips and pay that day for the Red Cross. The diners, mostly locals (travelling was down, go figure) tipped lavishly when they saw where their money was being donated. It was a weekday busier than a Saturday night. I worked a $450 day and went home broke and smiling.

I can only ask you to please do something that we rate highly back in New Orleans, enjoy your food. My neighbors need your help. Here is the official release:

On October 5, 2005, restaurants across the country will band together in a “Dine for America” day, a national fundraising effort for the American Red Cross to help the survivors, victims, their families and other arising needs from the Hurricane Katrina and Rita disasters.

Dine For America Overview

WHAT: The restaurants of America, their employees, and guests, along with the National Restaurant Association, unite in support of Hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery, by raising funds for the American Red Cross. 100% of the funds raised through Dine for America will go directly to the American Red Cross to help the survivors, victims, their families and the other needs arising out of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 5, 2005.

WHO: Restaurant owners and operators, employees and guests all have an important role:

Guests can get involved by asking restaurants in their area to participate, by eating at a participating restaurant on October 5, and by encouraging their family and friends to join them!

Restaurant employees can get involved by encouraging their owner or operator to participate, by letting their restaurant’s guests and community know about Dine For America, and by working on October 5. Some employees may also choose to volunteer their time and donate their wages that day. Others may choose to donate a portion of their tips.

Restaurant owners and operators can get involved by having their restaurant(s) participate in Dine For America, by helping promote the event to their staff and guests, and by donating to the hurricane relief effort in whatever manner is most appropriate for their restaurant(s).

HOW: Participating restaurants choose how they can best support the relief effort, which may include:

Donating all or a portion of sales that day.
Donating all or a portion of profits that day.
Making a donation for every guest served that day.
Making a donation for every sale of a specific item that day.
Making a set donation that day.
Collecting donations from guests and staff that day.
Identifying another way to raise funds for the relief effort.

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