What Bible Are They Reading???

Oct 3, 2005 by

There are so many people who have helped us. Many of them people of faith, pastors mobilizing their congregations to feed the newly homeless from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast have been a frequent sight on our odyssey. My finacee and I are direct recipients of this sort of aid, without it we would be in much shabbier conditions. The Presbyterian Church here in Dobbs Ferry gave us dishes, cooking pots, and more. Items that are normally part of the background noise of life that have become conspicuous in their abscense.

Then there are the other christians, the hate mongers. People who, I can only assume, try to make up for their own insecurities and low self esteem by using religion to prop themselves up above others that they may then sneer down and feel superior. People who are lacking in any of the virtues espoused by a Bible they seem never to have understood. People like Alabama Senator Hank Erwin.

My home is shattered, my social net torn to shreds, and a month has passed leaving me still a refugee. Then this semi-evolved simian, who also happens to be an elected official, wants to prove his devoutness by saying that WE DESERVED IT?!?!?!?! I will spare you the rant poised at my fingertips and allow this subhuman to condemn himself. Take amoment and follow the link below to read the full transcript. Or better yet google it and pull down a video. I can only say that at least the newscaster expressed a more sane and humane opinion.

Erwin: Well, I think, if you look at what‘s going on, this whole region has always known that, with the church, that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are known for sin. And if you go to a church and you read your Bible, you are always told avoid sin and that there‘s judgment for sin. And I just think that, in my analysis—and I can‘t speak for everybody, but I believe that, if you look at the factors, that you had a city that was known for sin—the signature of New Orleans is the French Quarter, Bourbon Street. It is known for sin. read the whole transcript

Scarborough closes on a more human note when he says:

All I will say is this. When you look at Matthew 25, and the disciples ask Jesus, how do we get to heaven? That‘s what they were interested in. We want to sit on the right hand of the father. How do we do it? Jesus said, you take care of the poor. You give the thirsty water. When they come to your door and they need food, you give it to them. When they need clothes, give them the clothes off your back and visit them in jail. Basically, help the dispossessed. “

That‘s why I just find it hard to square up my vision of God and what Jesus Christ said in the New Testament with what the senator is saying tonight.”

And by the way Senator Erwin, if that is the case then why is Vegas still around? Twit.

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