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Oct 5, 2005 by

A fantastic collection of survivor’s stories are available on City Pages follow the link and hear it in their own words. A truly outstanding oral narrative.

If its more the music you crave go check out the page on Aurgasm, from 1932 to 1998 he samples the New Orleans music scene. A great primer for those unfamiliar with it, and a true taste of home for expatriates! Another fantastic site is Home of the Groove, an audioblog that continually explores classic New Orleans music. Both are highly reccomended.

Full broadcast of Higher Ground, a show for Hurricane Relief live at the Lincoln Center. An amazing event bringing together artists from back home in New Orleans and others from across the world. The speakers are as memorable as the music. Be aware, it is a 5 hour show.

What is longer than a 5 hour show, you ask? How about a constant stream of non-stop New Orleans Jazz and Roots Music? WWOZ, the cultural custodians of NOLA’s audio heritage. I am currently assisting these fine folks in collecting info on members of our music community as well as pictures, survivors’ stories, etc. If you are interested in helping them out email me. george.williams.iv (at) gmail (dot) com (We really, really need someone who can crunch PHP code. C’mon, it’ll make you feel good…)

And lastly some of my all time favorite bands. These are the ones I miss the most and also the ones I believe will one day be known far and wide: Liquidrone, The Morning 40 Federation, Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes, and the lab rock madmen known as The Consortium of Genius! All homegrown New Orleans cutting edge! It is only fitting I end this post with the sounds of New Orleans’ future.

Good listening!

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