Masquerading as Good People

Oct 7, 2005 by

It never ceases to amaze me, the self righteous bigots who derive mileage from the suffering of others. The link below will bring you to an article about various relious “leaders,” stating that the Katrina Disaster was God’s Judgement(tm).

If it was God’s Judgement then why was the center of decadence/gay culture/general debauchery spared? Why is the Vieux Carre (French Quarter for you non-New Orleanians) virtually untouched? Why did innocent infants die as their mothers ran out of food and water? This is not true religion in action, it is an attempt to grasp power and influence in the wake of tragedy. The real christians are the ones who have fed, clothed and cared for us while in exile, former Archbishop Hannan and these others are an abomination. That man up on the cross is staring over your shoulders gentlemen. Could it be that the Quarter is still standing in order to show you that your judgement is flawed?

Masquerade is an honorable New Orleans tradition. You sully that tradition by masquerading as men of faith and kindness. For shame, gentlemen, for shame.

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