Liquidrone – Status

Oct 10, 2005 by

Thanks so much to everyone who has written with questions and concerns about the immediate future of liquidrone. The definitive word is there is no definitive word just now. Ryan is in the process of defecting to seattle, and Clint is currently in New York City with Preservation Hall. He and I did an impromptu 2 man show there a couple weeks after Katrina. It is quite possible liquidrone will resume operations from a home base in new york in early ’06. New York City? (get a rope) Or not. Or somewhere else. Who knows? We don’t. All we do know is we sincerely want to keep doing this retarded stunt called liquidrone. We all have all these other projects, and would like to see them continue as well, which means we’ve got to move our entire network and that takes some working. We’re an incestuous bunch, but you knew that already. “Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me” – Burt Bacharach wrote that. Liquidrone loves that sweet motherfucker. -casey

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