R.I.P. Twi Ro Pa

Oct 28, 2005 by

Dear Friends, Family, and Loyal Customers:*

*I am very sorry to say that the damage to the TwiRoPa facility was
extensive and severe. Initial inspections have led to the belief that
the building is not structurally sound. Rebuilding the facility is not
feasible and it is with great sorrow that i hereby officially announce
that TwiRoPa will not be reopening.*

*The good news is that many of the city’s venues are reopening every day
and the music scene is growing stronger as people continue to flood back
into the city. *

*Once again i want to thank all of you for your continued support over
the years and throughout this terrible disaster. And to my fellow
evacuees, i wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you as we all
recover from this disaster.*


*And if there is anything i can ever do for anyone, please contact me
at [email protected] [email protected].

*Thank you all.*

*Adam Sabloff, Managing Partner*

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