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They have sent troops from everywhere to keep order in the Crescent City. This guy was patrolling Molly’s On The Market Halloween Night!

Inside we ran into both real off duty cops and military as well as a passable Officer Dangle.

Interesting Note: Black Watch has been deployed to New Orleans and are doing duty at the FEMA center on St. Charles and Jefferson (The Jewish community Center). When I asked one of the uniformed men about Black Watch I was told, “usually we’re shooting people in places like Afganistan. This is our first stateside deployment.”

I personally watched one of these jokers spend over half an hour standing one foot behind a couple, hand on his gun and glaring them down. Now I can see having security around, hell I relied on it a lot some nights when I worked at House of Blues, but these folks were early to mid sixties and not too sturdy. The blocky young guard with the gun and three clips of ammo was pretty much guaranteed to deal with, at most, harsh language. This sort of physical intimidation is far more worthy of the stormtrooper pictured above than of anyone who should be on the ground here at home. Posted by Picasa

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