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Nov 11, 2005 by

Filbert, you idiot!

Filbert re-admitted to C.O.G. Secret lab!

“Have we lost our minds?” wonder scientists…

In a bold and possibly deliberately misguided move, the Consortium of
Genius, that magnificent mob of malicious music-men perhaps best known
as the C.O.G., secretly re-admitted *Filbert Snodgrass*>, Junior
Scientist in Training, to the highly polished halls of the C.O.G. Secret
Lab in late August. “I don’t know,” said Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
“Perhaps things were going too well for the C.O.G… or maybe there
just weren’t enough broken things around the lab. In either case, that
changed swifly enough when Filbert sat down on the WeatherTron
controls, causing, how shall I put this, an unforseen atmospheric
annoyance, in the category ‘5’ range! Now why is it that *I,* Dr.
Pinkerton, can never deliberately cause such lovely havoc, but this
idiot /FILBERT goes about creating chaotic cataclysm catastrophes
wherever he walks? Arrrrgh, Farganargle!”

(To learn more about Filbert Snodgrass, get the C.O.G. CD, “Free Brains
& Dead Bodies>”)

In other news, a* highly prized* set of C.O.G. CD’s and DVD’s have gone
up for auction on ebay – autographed by the entire current band. *Let
the bidding wars commence! **CLICK HERE>*

C.O.G. TV> is *back
in production *after a two month hurricane-induced hiatus. More news on

Finally, a new ‘Fan Art’ section has been added to the C.O.G. Website.
To see this bizarre gallery of strange submissions, *CLICK HERE>*

That’s all for now!
Death and kisses,
Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III

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