Life Amidst The Ruins.

Nov 16, 2005 by

Uptown some of the neutral grounds have been mowed. Trash pickup is a sporadic and irregular occurrence, although bobcats are all around removing the truly monstrous piles of trash and felled oak trees. Walking the Avenue you are surrounded by a thicket of signs proclaiming that this or that business is now open.

This McDonalds, out near the Huey P.Long bridge bears a sign that they are now hiring (click the image for a closer look). It is one example of the life returning to the city. Like the flora and fauna of the surrounding bayou, the inhabitants of New Orleans are carving out threir niches in the New New Orleans. Vibrant amongst the rubble we walk past shattered buildings as we head for the Bluebird Cafe or the Howlin Wolf. It is truly amazing the things that have become everyday life for us recently. From the regular sight of military vehicles in the streets to the eerie and disturbing lack of streetcars on St.Charles it is bizarre in it’s surreality.

I’m working again, a return to the dark side: waiting tables. Its nonstop double shifts, but short one as doubles go and very profitable. I may actually be able catch up after the unintended two months on the road. We are organizing and catching up, already sorted out and donated 15 boxes of clothes and toys for families that lost everything. Real New Orleanians take care of each other.

We were abandoned, yet we thrive. Posted by Picasa

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