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Nov 25, 2005 by

This weekend come on down to Houma, Louisiana, to support the annual Voice of the Wetlands festival!

Why America should care:

It’s more than a Louisiana culture. It’s America’s culture. As the wetlands supports those cultures, it serves a crucial role in the American economy. Seafood. Natural gas. Oil, petrochemicals. Plastics. Protection of population centers and major industrial hubs from hurricanes.

The wetlands of Louisiana fade daily due to erosion – at the rate the size of one football field an hour. When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Mississippi with levees, it cut the river’s ability to hold back the power of the Gulf. The Gulf has been winning for nearly 100 years – and its spoils are lost land that equals the state of Delaware (and then some) in size so far.

Louisiana and all of America will be affected if the demise of Louisiana’s wetlands should continue. Voice of the Wetlands (VOW) is the voice of those people who seek human intervention to fix a natural balance disrupted by human intervention.

The music, food, coastlines, wildlife, fish, game, and everything else that makes Louisiana a unique and original state is in desperate need of America’s attention and support. This land where Louisianans built their livelihood, raised their families and provided a crucial piece of America ‘s economic puzzle is poised to disappear entirely.

If you can’t make the trip, please support the effort. Buy a CD or poster, write Congress… raise awareness, blog about it… etc..

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