Screw Bellsouth!

Dec 3, 2005 by

Bellsouth gets pissy about the fact that Meffert and Nagin have taken the opportunity the make a quantum leap. The Muicipally run WiFi cloud is a neccessary jump into the 21st Century, New Orleans can go from being technologically backwards to one of the most cutting edge places in the US. As has been seen by telcom lobbyst’s actions across the US, Municilpally run wireless is viewed as a threat. A large enough threat that they evidently withdrew on offer to donate a building to the city, one large enough to house a now scatterd police force (incidentally opening up hotel rooms and other spaces for incoming New Orleanians).

Three weeks before Katrina (Pre-K as they call it now) I had kicked BellSouth to the curb due to the erratic nature of their DSL service. Their actions in this matter have now ensured that I shall never return to them. Besides cable never boots me off, is faster, and they (so far) are supporting the rebuild rather than hampering advancement.

Angry BellSouth Withdrew Donation, New Orleans Says

Washington Post – United States

By Jonathan Krim

Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, December 3, 2005; Page D01

Hours after New Orleans officials announced Tuesday that they would deploy a city-owned, wireless Internet network in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, regional phone giant BellSouth Corp. withdrew an offer to donate one of its damaged buildings that would have housed new police headquarters, city officials said yesterday……..

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