Cutting the Red Tape

Dec 4, 2005 by

In the ongoing effort to make getting assistance even harder FEMA has created a few circuitous loops in their page making it not only counterintuitive, but also damn near impossible to check the status of your application. Speaking as someone whose application was “voluntarily withdrawn,” without my knowledge or consent I am fed up with it.

With that in mind here is a direct link to the ever elusive “Check On My Applications,” page (link donated by an anonymous educator here in the NOLA area) Now of course this won’t work unless you have the PIN number that FEMA issues, a PIN the majority of people I have spoken to never received. A PIN number that has a two week half life (very useful as people are still trying to sort out the problems 3 months later!). Anyway, pass it around and hopefully it will be useful for something.

And remember kids, FEMA stands for Failure to Effectively Manage Anything!

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