Race Card

Feb 5, 2006 by

Not to downplay anyone’s losses during this time of natural disasters and governmental ineptitude, but I am fed up with the racial party line. Ray can choke on his “chocolate city,” comments for one thing, Dr. King would be ashamed of him for forgetting that the goal is colorblindness. .

For another I want to know why we hear nothing of the vibrant ethnic communities that were not african american. There were more hondurans in NOLA than anywhere outside of Honduras. The Vietnamese were a vital and thriving part of the city. St. Bernanrd Parish, just as decimated as the Lower 9th Ward was predominantly working class caucasians. Is it just not trendy or incendiary enough if they’re not black?

As someone who has watched friends lose everything through this I am deeply fed up. I have black friends, white friends, vietnamese friends, gay friends, and others of all walks of life and economic strata. That is what it is to live in New Orleans. Yes there are major issues of prejudice here, No that is not the whole picture.

On the plus side, no matter the ethnicity we are all New Orleanians, and that means stubborn. We will put it back together, after all we did it when the Spanish burned our city to the ground (one building left standing) we will do it again. The Vietnamese Community is steadily gaining ground (Reuters AlertNet – New Orleans’ Vietnamese draw strength from past) as are many others. It won’t be easy with the incompetent rulership entrenched at the local, state and federal levels. As a matter of fact sometimes it seems impossible. But we will do it.

It is time to don the colorblind glasses and look at the situation with an eye towards making things work. We cannot survive if we continue to endorse racially based hatreds, white on black or vice versa.

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