My turn to help

Feb 10, 2006 by

I’ve arranged a gig with the Banana Courtyard B&B (Esplanade & Rampart) as their jack-of-all-trades guy. They’ll be paying me, as well as supplying me a place to stay. So it’s a fairly sweet deal.

I’ll be flying in Monday Feb 20 in the midafternoon. And I’ll be staying at least through JazzFest (though I’ll probably take a trip or two back home to see my lovely wife). C is planning on coming down for Convergence in mid-April, though plans are still sketchy about it.

As for Carnival weekend, I’ll be staying by G&A’s crowded kitty haven and rolling with their Krewe.

For longer term plans, I hope to pick up a second job, something, actually, with tips. I know there’s a wine bar open on Magazine now, but is there still one in the Quarter? I don’t really want to wait tables or just be a beer-and-a-shot-jockey, but I am still fairly flexible.

See y’all soon!

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