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Mar 8, 2006 by

George Curry critiques New Orleans leadership on their stance concerning repopulation. A good look at how those who came to our aid when we were on the run from Special K see the current demographic engineering our officials seem to be attempting.

There are realities down here that complicate things incredibly, and to be painfully honest everybody must work to make things possible. Unfortunatly it is not our place to demand it any more than any other community. People of all types make up the urban landscape, and the way to make a change towards affluence must include enhanced opportunity (already present, there are jobs everywhere) and affordable housing for a workforce (not available).

Screening people by job history/employment viability is silly. If nothing else keep in mind that every one of us has been drastically changed psychologically by the past 6+ months. There are workaholics that cannot focus enough to put in more than part time. There are those who were, in antiquated terms, deadbeats and have found motivation and purpose in the aftermath. Like so much else, what someone was before Katrina can at times bear little resemblance to what they are now.

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