A First Step

Mar 12, 2006 by

Senator Proposes Bush Censure – CBS News
recounts an unusual intance of testicular fortitude in the White House. Granted censure is pretty namby pamby in light of the gross abandonment of American citizens and their rights, but its a start.

I strongly support the continuing efforts to impeach these incompetents, they are our employees and they simply are not doing their jobs. The Enron Way is not what any of our founding fathers envisioned for our nation. The evils of the Military Industrial Complex was the topic of Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation (transcript and video available here. Give it a once over and compare it to the new over the intervening years).

Wake up and demand accountability! Do it before we see another disaster take out san Francisco, New York City, or (god help us) finish New Orleans off. Contact your congressman and representative now, it only takes a moment and it means so much.

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