NOLA Oral History Project Update

Mar 25, 2006 by

I have been trying to get the New Orleans Oral History Project site updated, but posting has been locked by Blogger’s automatic Spam Blog blocker. I can see how the automated system might make that mistake since it is primarily an archive and does not attract comment posts, but it is still irritating to say the least.

Once I figure out a bit moree about the setup I will probably be moving it to Livejournal, especially as I find their syndication / podcast system to be far superior. I do have several files to post that I collected during Carnival (including a statement from Warren Riley and several more from members of the various Krewes). I will also be doing a series of podcasts from Tulane University’s upcoming art opening where I will try to add soundfiles from members of Zulu, Tulane staff, and whatever other interesting people show up. Details forthcoming.

BTW, wish me luck on Tuesday as I have a major opportunity coming up to not only make a living but also do it while fighting for New Orleans’ cultural legacy. It may also open up a lot of opportunity to massively expand the array of soundfiles archives on the Oral History Project!

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