Et Tu Carlos?

Mar 29, 2006 by

A few minutes ago on Comedy Central’s Mind Of Mencia I saw something that, really irked me. Now normally I rather like Carlos Mencia. His frank, no holds barred brand of irreverence is something I usually find refreshing. Tonight though he had a, as he would put it, “dee-dee-DEE,” moment.

If you follow the link above and watch the Pink Preview video about halfway through the clip you’ll get to the part where he spends several minutes ripping on New Orleans and going on and on about how it should not be rebuilt.

I doubt seriously that any of us down here will be watching his show after that little tirade. I know that going against the common grain is a staple of comedy, at least good comedy. I know that the current sentiment among the American pulic and in Hollywood is one of sympathy towards our plight here in the Crescent City. Good logic for creating humor, bad choice of targets. He has a right to his opinion and I have a right to mine, and I am staying in New Orleans where I will not be watching the Mind of Mencia anymore. Things are tenuous enough as is without that sort of BS.

Oh, and Carlos? Screw you.

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