New Orleans to be emptied for next storm: officials – Yahoo! News

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New Orleans to be emptied for next storm: officials – Yahoo! News

Evidently the word is that we will have mandatory evacuations even for tropical storms this year. Very reassuring to someone who does not own a bloody car.

David Paulison states in this article that FEMA will do wahtever state and local officials cannot do to prepare for the storms this season. Why am I not reassured? Could it be the criminal fumbling that has been their hallmark since the begining of this mess? Or maybe the weekly letter that I receive stating that my application for assistance was “voluntarily withdrawn” (last I checked that would mean I did it myself and of my own free will. Wrong. Dead wrong.)

This is a great idea. Unfortunatly it will also impose more months without income and the repeated expenses of evacuation upon our citizens. I personally lost a major amount of income and had to get refunds on my wedding and honeymoon just to keep going.

Now I am not fool enough to say the idea has no merit it really makes me wonder. New Orleans was rife with poverty prior to Katrina, and the months after the storm screwed a lot of us financially. Having to leave for every tropical storm is something that could break many of us, or force us to permanently leave.

No matter your view of things (for or against) the idea of having to rely on FEMA again is one that just sends chills through my heart. I do not entirely know what to think other than that.

Please leave your comments and views if you are reading this.

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