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Mar 31, 2006 by

A summary of the citywide transit changes set to begin April 2.

-The 42-Canal bus will continue in service

-The Canal streetcar line will be extended to run its full pre-Katrina route, along Canal St. to the cemeteries, and along North Carrollton to NOMA.

-Early morning service will be provided on many of the more popular lines. Most lines will begin service 30 to 60 minutes earlier on weekdays.

-A few of the most heavily used lines will run until 11 p.m.

-The 32- Leonidas and 60- Hayne buses will run Monday through Friday

-The 64-Lake Forest Express bus will resume operation, covering most of its pre-Katrina route from the CBD as far east as Read Boulevard. The line will run Monday through Friday during daylight hours.

-The 84-Galvez bus will run seven days a week until 7 p.m.

-The 94-Broad line will receive a route extension in New Orleans East.

-With the closing of the Algiers Park and Ride lot at General de Gaulle and Wall Boulevards, allowing the facility to be used as a FEMA trailer community, the two lines serving the lot, 103- Pace Boulevard and 106-Aurora Express, will be discontinued. The 102-General Meyer, 108-Algiers Local, and 114-115 General de Gaulle lines will be available to provide service nearby.

-The 108-Algiers Local bus will run Monday through Saturday

-Paratransit hours will be adjusted to match those of the fixed-route system.

RTA’s New Orleans service will remain fare-free at least through June 30.”

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