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Alrighty then, its time for more imported joy down here in New Orleans! It is Easter weekend, Convergence 12 has just started, and the levees are still woefully inadequate. Of all the myriad topics I could address one in particular seems to be most on my mind: imported filth.

Now only a fool would not appreciate the folks who are honestly here to help. I have met so many good people trying to alleviate the trials we are going through and it truly touches my heart. The following statements are not about them. I am going to talk about the useless and the scumbags.

For example, I was standing on Esplanade and Rampart a few days ago and was approached by a skinny white guy (reasonably well dressed) with a thick VA accent. He wanted directions too St. Claude Ave. As I started to answer him he leaned in close and asked me, “is that niggertown?” I told him to f*ck off and went back to work. Five minutes later he accosted a co-worker who gave him the brush off as well, he walked off proclaiming loudly that, “this whole place should be called niggertown!”

If you are here to cast racial slurs, tell us how screwed up we are, turn a profit doing substandard work because you can get away with it, or otherwise show yourself to be a waste of protoplasm then GO AWAY! We have no need of your “niggertown,” perspective, your dangerous driving habits, drunken accosting of our women, or other behavious that belong in the old west. BE NICE OR LEAVE! Period. We have enough problems without the lowbrow BS that does nothing but make you and your home state look bad while adding insult to the injuries we have already sustained. Almost every negative interaction I have had with anyone since returning in late Oct has involved people with accents foreign to our city. And by the way, I may be a white uptowner but I do not tolerate the racist garbage I hear spewed forth on a regular basis. Take it elsewhere, you are a primitive throwback and an embarassment to our species.

My most profuse thanks to all the good people who are trying to help us, you are truly appreciated. For the new breed of carpetbaggers I have nothing but disdain and contempt.

Sidenote 1: I would like to welcome the Convergence crowd to New Orleans, its great to see y’all! There are two communities/subcultures that have always had a love of New Orleans, the music community and the goths. Many people may look at you oddly for your black leather, studs, tattoos, and crazy hairsyles but I know you are here because you love my city. Thank you for coming down.

Sidenote 2: The new gutterpunks. Uniformly from out of town these worthless cretins are of a more violent breed than the street kids we had around Pre-K. A new variety of carpetbaggers they infest the streets and (unlike their Pre-K predecessors) enact violence upon our residents. You are also invited to get the hell out of Dodge. (Once again I offer a link to the LiveJournal New Orleans Community Discussion where a vibrant and ongoing debate about these kids still rages unabated. Read for yourself the viewpoints of those who have had encounters with them.) There is no room in New Orleans for people who will not work right now. You can be underage, illegal and completely lacking in skills and still get work making $10/hour or more due to the labor shortage, there is no excuse. And rumors are begining of a Guardian Angels cell forming here to put a stop to it….

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