Scientific American Shines the Light of Sanity on The Gulf Coast

Apr 18, 2006 by

Great news, a lucid perspective, and aknowledgement of the importance of the Gulf Coast both culturally and economically. This article is a breath of fresh air amidst the invective, check it out!

Scientific Protecting New Orleans : “Although each approach has its proponents, the parties agree on one thing: critics who say it is foolish to rebuild in such a vulnerable place are missing the big picture. In addition to being a cultural center, ‘the Gulf Coast is the economic engine that drives the country,’ Bahr declares. ‘We can’t possibly abandon it.’ The delta produces one fifth of the country’s oil, one quarter of its natural gas, and one third of its seafood. Trillions of dollars of goods and crops flow through the ports there. These activities require extensive infrastructure and tens of thousands of employees who cannot live in temporary trailers or in homes two hours away.”

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