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Vote your conscience. Vote to be part of the most important election in NOLA history. Vote even though you feel disenfranchised, deserted, or as though it doesn’t count.

Just vote. Please. I’ll be hitting Sophie B. Wright first thing in the morning to cast my ballot. Pick an idiot, there are 22 of them after all.

Choices, choices, choices….

Just VOTE!!!

(To anyone from outside of NOLA, read this again on your own election day…)

In one of the most important elections in the city’s history, New Orleans voters will choose a slate of officials who will be responsible for charting the course of the city’s future.
What are we voting for:
7 City Council members (including 2 At-Large representatives elected city-wide)
7 Property Assessors
Clerk of Criminal Court
Clerk of Civil Court
Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff
Orleans Parish Civil Sheriff

Voting Tools
Louisiana Secretary of State elections page has lots of information about voting, including a polling place locater that will tell you where to go vote and generate a sample ballot
Call Louisiana Secretary of State Elections Division: 1.800.883.2805 (M-F 7am-7pm)

Some Basics:
Poll Hours: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Forms of ID: A generally accepted photo ID is strongly encouraged but not required at the polls. Voters who have no picture ID can bring a utility bill, payroll check or government document that includes their name and address. Voters presenting non-photo forms of ID will have to sign an affidavit furnished by the Elections Division in order to vote.

A Spattering of Voter Guides:
Some places to go for information about candidates and/or some folks’ notions of who should get your vote.
– League of Pissed Off Voters:
– League of Women Voters:
– ACLU of Louisiana:
– (with endorsements from The Times-Picayune)
– Gambit Weekly:

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