Levee Failure, A Surprise?

Apr 30, 2006 by

No, it couldn’t have been the Corps! I know they admitted it was their fault, but even so it could not have been them. I mean look at the quality of their workmanship…..

U.S. Pays for 150 Iraqi Clinics, and Manages to Build 20 – New York Times: “A $243 million program led by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to build 150 health care clinics in Iraq has in some cases produced little more than empty shells of crumbling concrete and shattered bricks cemented together into uneven walls, two reports by a federal oversight office have found.” (Empahasis Mine)

That sounds exactly like the solid construction of the levees that are suppoesed to have protected us! I have no idea why they failed.

(NOTE: Sarcasm, in case you did not notice.)

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