Why Is This Only In LOCAL News?

May 1, 2006 by

This was not an Act of God, it was not a mistake, it WAS pure corruption and criminal action on the part of the Corps. Why are these people not on trial? Why is there no real mention of this in mational level mass media? Shit, y’all wonder why we are depressed down here? Read the news, pay attention, HOLD THE CORPS ACCOUNTABLE!

Plans didn’t account for area’s subsidence: “As they completed sections of the New Orleans area’s hurricane protection system in the 1980s and ’90s, Army Corps of Engineers officials assured residents the structures had been raised to standards mandated by Congress.

That, however, was mostly a legal fiction, documents and interviews with current and former corps employees show.

The corps’ levees and floodwalls might have met specifications in the plans, but the engineers involved knew the measuring stick being used was out of date.

In fact, many sections of the system were a foot or more below authorized heights because the local office of the corps made a decision in 1985 not to use updated elevation values for projects then under way.

Some engineers familiar with the history of the project, such as the former head of the office’s survey section, Wayne Weiser, say the decision was a planned deception that left people unprotected.”
(All Emphasis Mine -Loki)

What little faith I may still have had in the system has been quashed. It is, to quote the Bard (Henry V to be exact), “As arrant a peice of knavery as can be offered!”

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